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RETF Enclosure

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Had it set up before and just wasn't satisfied. i had to add a little more too it. enjoy


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You're definitely on the right track. Were it me, I'd add a couple of nice, broad leaves plants. Think Spathiphyllum, Philodendron, Asplenium, etc. Maybe even an arborescent Ficus, if you don't mind pruning. I do like the central log, might make a nice spot to mount a pendant Anthurium.
The log in the center looks great!!!
It's so simple, but so nice looking! Some orchids would look good in there to.:)
I really like the stump as well. Where did you pick it up?
Some big leaf plants will be good for them to perch on. Something strong or they will be on the glass a lot. I have regular green tree frogs, before I switched over to live plants, from te fake, they dont stick to the glass as much.
Big, broad leaf plants would compliment the enclosure and its inhabitant for sure. :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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