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Dear all,

I am currently working with F. Andreone as a trainee (most of you might know him, I found some of his articles in this forum) in order to assess the effect of Mantella pet trade in Madagascar.

For our model, we need reliable estimates of fecundity, life span and mortality rates but original data from wild populations are missing. This is why we are attempting to build a model with data from captivity.

Then, we need you! Does anyone agree with using his data for our study? Even if you only have one of the needed data, be welcome!

We are interested in any Mantella species (maybe except laevigata, for which the natural history is particular).

The needed data are :

- the exact number of eggs per clutch per female (laid eggs in one time, we are interested even if you only counted it once)
- the life span of all your specimens (age of adult frogs at their death, how many died at 1 year old, at 2, 3, 4...)

- the number of tadpoles per clutch (eggs giving a living tadpole; or the opposite : the number of "dead eggs")
- the number of tadpoles reaching adult stage (or tadpoles dying before adult stage)

Please note that mortality due to unfortunate events (like "frog killed by the cat" or "power cut, all my frogs died of cold"...) cannot be taken into account in the analysis.

If anyone know someone / a zoo / aquaria / any institution who would provide such a kind of data, any information welcome!
If you have any questions on the data, the study, me, go ahead!

Many thanks in advance, :)
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