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Repashy superfly

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I have been using Repashy superfly since August I only make one culture every 2-3 weeks. For the last 2-3 cultures it has started to put off a bad odor after about 2 weeks. Normally it will start to do this past 30 days. The bag is stored in my frog room with it sealed. Does it start to go bad after four months.
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This is a funky smell coming from them, it will smell up the whole room the frogs are in and part of the house if the door is left open.
I will try using coffee filters and see if that's the issue. I have also just made a homemade media to see if that works
these are turkish guiliders, and I am adding live yeast
the media will start to smell at about the 2 week mark, When mixed with hot water it doesnt smell bad, it almost has no smell.
I am using the recomended amount on the bag 1/3rd cup to 2/3water if I am remembering it correcly, after mixing it is not overly wet.

The Cultures are not in an overly Humid spot, they are on the top shelf of my rack in a plastic storage box, with the lid off. This is where i have stored all my cultures
as an update, using home made media same flys same exclesior and same yeast, the home made media doesnt smell after 2 weeks and it is starting to boom
1 - 7 of 22 Posts
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