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Red Galactonotus

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Im looking for some good info and details about these frogs. I have 4 of them and want to learn some good inside info on tricks to breeding them. I think I have them sexed to 2.2 but im not fully sure if there is any other tricks to sexing them besides toe pads? any web page im unaware of that isn't on kyle's link page?
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red galacts

hello John,

I kept a 4.2 group in short tank 24x24x10 (inches). It had a gravel bottom with some soil on the sides. In the middle was a piece of driftwood covered with java moss and an epiphytic fern. A submerged pump pushed water up to cascade over the wood. I placed a hut and some black film canisters in the tank. The frogs always laid in the film cansisters and would eat the eggs if left too long in the tank. The frogs liked to sit under the wood in a group. I would hear calling at night after all the lights were out, a very low buzz much like auratus or azureus. Temps wer mid 70s and the tank was very humid with the pond and waterfall.

Galact eggs are grey and can be mistaken for being bad if compared to other eggs such as auratus. The eggs seem to have a bettter success rate of develping if kept in the dark, I cover mine with a dark plastic lid. Feed the tadpoles a higher protein diet, such as bloodworms. I have had trouble morphing out galacts at higher temps, 78 and above during the summer. It seems they do much better in the lower 70s, it takes a little longer to complete metamorphosis but a healthy frog is the result. Also when raising the young keep an eye on them, the larger ones seem to intimidate the smaller ones, especially if food is not abundant. It's a good habit to separate them by size as they grow.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions
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