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Recently we have had concerns about a member brought to our attention, and while we take these concerns very seriously we require facts to take action. Dendroboard does not act on internet hype or second hand information. While facts may come to light that will cause us to take action, any action will be handled privately.

With that said we would like to suggest some best practices when dealing with trades or the sale of frogs/supplies.

  • Sponsors and Experienced active members provide the best chance of completing a successful deal.
  • ANY overseas deal should be handled with EXTREME caution, including facts related to past successful shipments and required documentation.
  • If any deal sounds too good to be true it normally is...
  • Ask for references
  • Share Full Names, e-mail, Address and Phone numbers
  • Clearly agree on all deal parameters in e-mail so both parties have a documented expectation for the transaction. This should include expected dates, live arrival guarantee, and expected outcome in case of an issue.
  • Utilize paypal or Google checkout for payment and utilizes their dispute options in case of a problem.
  • NEVER use a check, cash, or cashiers check for payment unless you are absolutely sure you know who you are dealing with and their reputation.
If you have any questions or facts related to recent concerns please feel free to PM or email me.
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