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I would imagine fruits could pretty easily bring mites in. In my vivs, however, the springtails love grapes.
I have been experimenting with some different mixes and have had a lot of success by dampening a mushroom slice then dipping it into some yeast so that the yeast sticks to it then feeding those to the springtails. I have also tried rice and did fine but the mushroom and yeast thing seems to be the fastest producer for me.
I am interested in trying the grapes now though. Maybe a yeast powder crusted grape slice? (Kind of like a powdered donut for springtails. :D)
I mentioned grapes but I don't recommend grapes in a springtail culture. I think that they would easily bring mites in. Every viv, however, gets mites once it has been set up long enough. That is why I mentioned grapes within your viv. It works as a feeding station for your flies and doubles as springtail food.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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