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Rare tincts

We imported a shipment of tinctorius from Suriname last August and had to ship all 70 frogs back. The reason we were given from F&W is that CITES suspects Suriname is fudging the quotas on tincts. Even though all the paperwork was correct and the exporter is a recognized breeder of tinctorius and is permitted to ship cb frogs. Plus the quota for the year was about 50% used including our shipment. The exporter checked with CITES and no problems exist. In a nutshell the authorities do what they please.

The same exporter was shipping tincts to Asia with a stop here in Miami. F&W told him if the shipment landed on US soil they would confiscate the whole thing.

So the point is no more wc tincts are coming in. All the tincts may become rare in the coming years if the ones here are not managed properly. This is the same thing that happened with Nicaragua, no more blue jeans or green and black auratus from there. Thousands of pumilio were imported to the US over the years. How many people are still working with those original lines, very few. The vermin frogs of today will be worth more money when there are less to go around. Just look at tricolors.

Marcus Breece of Simply Natural Dart Frogs imported a lot of the newer morphs. He produces F1 froglets of the following: nikita, citronella, cobalts, alanis, infer alanis, patricia, sips, yellowbacks, new river, kutari river, lorenzo, table mtn., and olemarie.

If anyone is interested in some tincts let me know.

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