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depends on how the shelf "extension" works.

from your description I'm picturing a drawer, or sliding slab, that the Tank sits on and slides in and out. now is this per tank? or per row? per tank I could see being feasible, but honestly I would find it hard to see a row of tanks being supported like that at full extension (not to mention risk of tipping) I'd honestly have to see the mechanics of it to make a good call. but let me put it this way.

There's a TON of us in this hobby w/ racks.. LOTS of racks.. and this is the first i've heard of a "shelf" extension system.. sooo in summation... it's probably not to crucial. save the money.. buy more tanks/frogs ;)

(now a drawer/shelf extension system, for plastic containers, tad boxes.. that could be handy and very feasible.)

**disclaimer: I'm still a newb, and only have 4 tanks w/ 1 on the way**
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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