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I'm lucky enough to already have a bevy of high-grade fish foods for my reef & planted tanks, so I didn't have to buy much, but here's a list of some of the stuff I use:

For newly hatched tads:
-DBSE (decapsulated brine shrimp eggs)
-crushed NLS flake
-Java moss, salvinia, duckweed

For established tads- the above, plus:
-Repashy Meat Pie
-New Life Spectrum pellets
-Omega One shrimp pellets
-Hikari Crab cuisine
-Tad bites
-occasional fruit fly

I arbitrarily feed from that list... I've been using mainly Repashy Meat Pie, Cyclop-eeze, SuperPig, and NLS pellets, and randomly feed the other stuff occasionally for variety.

It has worked well for me so far- up to this point, every tadpole that has come out of the egg for me has emerged successfully as a froglet without health issues. As for water, I've been using 74 degree RO with no water changes (only RO top-offs), a piece of almond leaf, and the aquatic plants mentioned above... this method has been very effective.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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