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R. ventrimaculatas questions

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hello all,
I have a pair of R. ventrimaculatas "grey legg" and they are at least 13 months old, but I have yet to here any calling, they are in a heavily planted 10 gallon viv with a glass top, would I be able to hear the male calling? I don't know if vents are loud enough to be heard or not. also at what age should they be sexually mature?
any info would be greatly appreciated.
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Check this out...Very slim chance of you hearing them unless you have your head in the tank.

Definitely old enough to sex by now though.
I have three vents, and their call is very faint. When I first heard it, I thought there was something wrong with the lights in the tank. It sounds like a faint buzz or hinge creaking type noise. You can hear it from outside the tank though.
i can hear mine thru the solid glass, but only if its pretty much silent in the room. got any pics of your frogs? maybe you don't have a pair? ... also, mine were quiet until i got a 2nd pair, then the competition got both males calling a lot. maybe play some call recordings and see if it kicks him into gear?

Defiantly try the recordings that's what got ky vents calling. For recordings you could try or they should both have recordings.
You can hear them for sure, but your room needs to be fairly quiet.

Sounds like a creaky cabinet door.

I just noticed mine calling out of the blue one just happens, unless of course you have a trio of ladies.
Thank guys, I'll try recordings, and I'll try to gets some pics posted, I got the pair from Patrick @ saurian, but who knows they good be 2 females, when I recieved them one was much more plumper then the other thats how he was basing a pair, and they were already 1 year old. now they look almost the same plumpness, but then again I feed everyday.
FWIW, when the males call, they don't puff out their throat sacs like leucs or imitators. They sort of sit and vibrate.
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Here are my R. ventrimaculatas, the female is suppose to be on the back wall and the male is on the leaf. any imput would be appreciated. :)

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I don't know what any of them are talking about. My Borja Ridge Vent and my Variabillis call ALL day LONG. It is crazy how loud they are ^^

Just my thought.
Mine require your head to be on the glass or next to the tank lol
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