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First up an apology because i know there is a tread here,that details some of the differences between these species,it has pictures on it by J Browne,E tworney or M Pepper,there was a dicussion about the eye stripe over and under.Would someone please point me to that thread i've been trying to find it and come up wanting!!.
I believe that these 2 are indistinguishable apart form the males call,if there are any other differences of appearance could somebody please enlighten me.
Are there any behavioural differences between these two species that one might be able to elucidate which female is which,again i believe the imis will egg feed non obligate but the summersi don't so is there anything else?
Finally i've read that summersi are difficult to breed when not kept in a group,why is this, is it purely male competion. I presume this does not apply to the imis as they are egg feeders,so assuming stronger pr bond.
We have a pr of summersi ,they are adorable,so questing for more knowledge,please correct any of the assumptions i might have made wrongly
thank you and regards
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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