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i had a 1.2 group for around 8 months they had 2 clutch of infertile eggs in a smaller tank i moved them to my 180 gal tank 2 week ago and last friday on
feb 10th i added an other group for a total of 9 that i guess are 3.6. 15 minutes after there is 2 male calling and a bunch of female following them everywhere so i let them be and on the next day i had 6 clutch for a total of 27 eggs !!!! :p I was close to euphoria. There were 5 frogs in a single film canister ! 3 different clutch in a single can 1 of 2eggs 1 with 4 and the last got 5 eggs.
I did order a pack of 25 film canister to put them all over the place since i only have 4 in there and they already full of eggs :p

here is the video of the group
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