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r. lamasi

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i guess what i'm going to ask will apply to almost all thumbnails not just r.lamasi. my experience so far have been tinctorius and auratus and i'm thinking about a pair of r. lamasi.
if i got a pair to successfully breed i realize the eggs would be laid just about anywhere. my question is: if layed on the glass on the tank what is the correct way to get them off the glass without flipping the whole mass, and into a petri dish for rearing outside the tank? i know a straight edge razor would probably work but what about danger of flipping the eggs?any techniques?
also, any advise to film cannisters as laying sites throughout the tank orientation, etc. any ideas appreciated.
i've also read on some care sheets that algae as a food form for tadpoles isn't recommended just fish flakes, tadpole bites. right now i use sera micron, flake food, tadpole bites, and 50/50 spirulina and chlorella. all used on different days. do you guys also recommend staying away from the algae based types of powder food. thanks in advance for any help.:)
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You're right about the razor technique. If the eggs flip over it's done. Sometimes I am able to scoop the eggs right up with the razor and slide it onto the dish. For bigger eggs masses, I take the razor blade for my Imi's eggs and start sliding it under the eggs from the bottom, gently sliding the edge of a dish under the eggs and keeping it tight against the glass so that the eggs lay flat on the dish. It's very tedious, but it works for me.

For raising tads, I let the parents transport them into a film canister and after a couple weeks I will pull them and keep them separate in different cups. I feed them a protein diet of tadpole bites, sera micron, and superpig (repashy), which has some Spirulina inside.
If only these things were available in the U.S. and were a bit smaller.
Danger of flipping eggs?

I put a petri dish under them and scrape them into it. They land however and it has not been a problem.
My lamasi generally lay on the glass, sometimes brom leaves. The tadpoles seem very mobile within the eggs once they're a few days old, they wiggle and spin around all the time.
Ross, what is that thing? Pretty awesome!
Ross, what is that thing? Pretty awesome!
As far as I know, it's a robotic spatula developed in Japan called SWITL. Looks like it's got a small belt that pulls the semi-liquid back while the spatula extends. Limited uses but I bet it would pick up an egg mass.
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