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I personally know someone who keeps/breeds them and ive seen them.

From my personal experience, they were pretty bold, and even sat there and watched as he pulled their eggs.

From what he told me, they are not nearly as difficult to breed as the rumor says. In fact he stated that he found it quite easy to breed them. He also stated that once they get started, there is a constant supply of eggs.

He had 20+ froglets/juvis from his breeding pair currently and has had many more in the past plus about 3 clutches that i personally saw him pull. They were laying everywhere ... on the glass, on the leaves, in film canisters ... etc ... it was pretty crazy.

The few people that i know that have them all keep them in horizontal enclosures due to their speed and they are seeming to thrive.

I plan on getting a few eventually from this person and i look forward to it.
1 - 1 of 59 Posts
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