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Ok, I've finally got to out myself as one of the people who succumbed to the pumilio imports. I decided to chance it and get a few frogs. I was also curious if the frogs that people had in a different prices varied in general health. So, I purchased a few frogs from Glenn at Seaside, and I also got a few from Xtreme Reptiles. I talked to Glenn, and he did quarentine these guys for atleast a week, if not more. He also treated with dewormer and baytril. As for Xtreme, they did neither.

The frogs I got from Glenn immediately were active, and the males were calling withing minutes of being put in their enclosures. I'm extremely satisfied with their over all appearance and health at this point. However, the frogs from Xtreme were not of this quality. Two of them were extremely thin, did not eat or move. The other three are a little more active, and witnessed atleast two of those eat, but they still are not to the standards of being comfortable with them. It does make a difference who you get these frogs from. I honestly think Glenn took his precautions to heart and is taking care of these guys.
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