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Questions on how to do stuff that isn't so EXPENSIVE

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I have owned a few frogs and I just finished my first build. It took way too long (over 2 years!) to make and frankly, all of yours throw it in the dust. My question is how do you guys make them and remake them and still be able to feed yourselves?
Questions I have regarding everything:
What are some cheaper (but still good looking and still hospitable to plants) ways that you do backgrounds?

What are ways to get or make wood? I have heard of heating and twisting PVC, but plants wouldn't be able to grow on it, so more organic?

Where might I get plants for cheap and how do I tell that a plant at HD would be good for a tank?

How might I get moss without traveling up to Washington?

Does Josh's Frogs have a coupon?

How can I get good, captive bred frogs cheaply when I live in hot and dry, hundreds of miles away from any online dealer, and what is this thing called a frog Utah?

Sorry if I have sent a tsunami of questions toward you, I thought it would be best to ask now, rather than in the middle of building something new.
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Keep in mind you can build a really simple tank that most dart frogs would be very happy in for less then a $100 easy. If you want a show stopper will usually cost ya and certain things like supplements you cannot skimp on. You are over the hard part though, you found DB and all your questions can be answered. Lets start with that there are a good number of dart frog keepers in UT and even some in Vegas: and lots of frogs to be found.
HD almost always has pothos, philodendron that are fine for a viv. Moss is great but think "leaf litter" as well. Backgrounds, foam, clay, cork. there are lots of choices, dig into those construction threads.

Last if you don't have frogs yet, think about what frogs you would like, and build your tank to particularly make that species happy. Which means- read a lot of threads!

Welcome and have fun
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