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Hello! After searching through threads on this awesome forum I still have a few questions (please let me know if I missed a good thread).

I'll be using an egg crate false bottom, screen, soaked Turface, and then inches of leaf litter for the setup (really liked this with my current setup).

Can anyone recommend how long to soak the Turface in water before it goes in the tank?

Should I bake leaves that have been dry in a garbage bag for six months or more? (Collected from an area with no pesticides; mostly concerned about hitchhikers)

For this setup, I'm really excited to grow a couple of neoregalia broms (first time I've ever grown broms in general). I'd like to use string or fishing line to secure them to wood. I'm interested in trying the method where you have a loose piece of wood in the tank, in order to remove the brom when I want to. Also, torn between cork bark or manzanita or spider wood.

Do you prefer mounting broms on cork, or hardwood branches (is cork better for brom health)?

If I use a branch, how thick should it be where I fix the brom?

I currently have one Finnex Stingray at home to use for this tank. I have had it for two or three years. The tank is 29 gallons. It is 19 inches high, 12.5 inches deep and 30.5 inches long.

When do you need to replace this type of lighting?

Looks like this light is 6500k, would it be the right choice in order to keep broms colored up?

What distance from the light source would you recommend that I try to place the broms for best color?

Thank you so much for reading, and I appreciate any help!

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1. I don't think you need to soak the turface. @Encyclia or @Fahad can you provide some advice here?

2. When I use "native" leaves I boil them for 25 minutes and then bake them

3. It makes no difference whether you mount Neoregalia's to cork or to hardwood.

4. The light sounds fine to me. I wouldn't replace it.

5. I don't tend to worry about colouring up the bromeliads in my tanks, so I can't really help you

Hope this provides some answers for you
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