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hey there, i have recently starting cruising through this board, and kingsnakes, and have a question that i can't seem to get an answer on...

here is a quote from another user...
Dart Links -
1.2.0 D. leucomelas
1.1.0 D. azureus
1.0.1 D. imitators
0.0.2 D. ventrimaculatus"

sorry kyle, yours was the first post i found that included this, but maybe you can actually help me...

what does "1.2.0" D. leucomelas mean?
i know it has something to do with the genealogy, and
what generation your frogs are, but can someone
give me an in depth explaination?

thanks alot...

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Actually its pretty simple! The notation is in reference to the sex of the aminals.

Read it like this. male(s).female(s).unknown

So, here are some examples:

4.2.0 This reads. Four males, two females and zero unknowns (normally frogets or subadults).

0.2.1. This says. Zero males, two females and 1 unkown.

1.1 is a pair.

Hope this helps!
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