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pumilio froglet methods

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So I would like to hear every pumilio breeders methods of handling the froglets once spotted....Is it written in stone to let froglets stay in viv with parent past 3 months, or do you pull as soon as he developes hunting skills?

As for me....second method is my choice as of late...I have been having greater success transfering froglets into the froglet headquarters once he continually makes his way down to hunt after maybe 2-3 weeks. Reason is - I actually noticed several parent pums pinning down froglets during feeding,although froglets posed no threat towards parents fruitflies,but when all on floor it seemed like parents competed and therefore punished froglets for being near their food and eventually killing them all off....ever since I started switching them over to a 12-12-18 viv rich w microfauna they have all been thriving and looking good so far...

Please feel free to add your two pesos and sharing your own method....
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Has anyone ever put purchased young pumilios in with a pair of adults of the same morph?

I have heard from a couple experianced sources that pums seem to do better in small viv set-ups than in plastic grow-out containers, even with leaf litter and springs.
Phender, there are several risks with doing this. One, either group could be carrying parasites or illnesses that could be passed on to the tank mates causing helath issues or death. Two, it could cause fighting or stress resulting in malnourishment or death. Three, if they are breeding it could interupt the breeding and/or caring for tads. I'm sure there are some other possibilities that I may be leaving out. All that being said, you could mix them and they might be fine, but I would not risk it.
I can think of lots of "coulds" both for and against. I thought that since it is established that the babies have a better chance if left in with their parents, someone might have tried to establish a surrogate parent situation. I was wondering if any one has done it and what their experiences were. Can pum parents recognize their own offspring or would they generally leave all other immature pums of their morph, or maybe any morph alone?
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