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pumilio froglet methods

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So I would like to hear every pumilio breeders methods of handling the froglets once spotted....Is it written in stone to let froglets stay in viv with parent past 3 months, or do you pull as soon as he developes hunting skills?

As for me....second method is my choice as of late...I have been having greater success transfering froglets into the froglet headquarters once he continually makes his way down to hunt after maybe 2-3 weeks. Reason is - I actually noticed several parent pums pinning down froglets during feeding,although froglets posed no threat towards parents fruitflies,but when all on floor it seemed like parents competed and therefore punished froglets for being near their food and eventually killing them all off....ever since I started switching them over to a 12-12-18 viv rich w microfauna they have all been thriving and looking good so far...

Please feel free to add your two pesos and sharing your own method....
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I'm not entirely sure what benefit the parents provide the young that makes it beneficial to leave young in the vivarium with them. We're talking about a pretty basic life form here. There's no mother's milk or home schooling. It seems logical that a parent would see a developing juvenile as a competitor for food and future mates.

However, I've only seen aggression towards a juvenile from my male Man Creek, which as it turns out, was spawning with the female at the time.

I personally leave my juvies in with the parents for as long as I possibly can, but for the most part I think this is one of those topics that is largely clouded in myth.
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Ed, Lack of proof isn't exactly proof in itself. For the sake of argument, can you definitively prove that Pumilio juveniles DO learn from their parents? Of course you can't. It's a two way street, man.
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