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pumilio froglet methods

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So I would like to hear every pumilio breeders methods of handling the froglets once spotted....Is it written in stone to let froglets stay in viv with parent past 3 months, or do you pull as soon as he developes hunting skills?

As for me....second method is my choice as of late...I have been having greater success transfering froglets into the froglet headquarters once he continually makes his way down to hunt after maybe 2-3 weeks. Reason is - I actually noticed several parent pums pinning down froglets during feeding,although froglets posed no threat towards parents fruitflies,but when all on floor it seemed like parents competed and therefore punished froglets for being near their food and eventually killing them all off....ever since I started switching them over to a 12-12-18 viv rich w microfauna they have all been thriving and looking good so far...

Please feel free to add your two pesos and sharing your own method....
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And after reading Ed's link, this study also seems to point to the potential of learned skills...

thanks Ed, interesting...
That is interesting.

I was going to talk about how when I had only one froglet in the parents tank, he grew at a fast rate. Now that he has been moved and I have 2 new froglets, and a few about to morph, in the parents tank, they are not growing as fast. They are well fed, so I don't think it's food competition. I was thinking of moving them out to see if it increases their growth rate. Now, I'm not so sure.

Interesting topic.
Honestly, like I just told somebody else...nowhere in the viv or in panama have I seen momma pum walking around the forest with a group of baby pums trailing her as ducklings....
Oh but that would be soooo cool! :D
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