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Pumilio Calls

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How often do pumilio call each day? Are their calls random or only during breeding time? Are their calls loud and annoying like chirping feeder crickets? If I keep their terrarium in my closed closet, will this prevent me from hearing them??? Any suggestions or ways so I won't be able to hear their calls???
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Why would you want to do that? Dart frog calls are great. They aren't that loud. Nothing like the local frogs at the swamp that you can hear almost a mile away. What dart frog calls have you heard to compare them to? They will call year round.
Mine will call several times a day to non-stop all day, maybe his mood? I can hear him in the other room so I say it is fairly loud. It sounds kinda like cicadas or an insect like chirp. You'll get used to it:)
If you don't want to hear calls, then I'd say that Pumilio aren't a good fit for you! These guys call ALL the time. If there's light, there's calling! If you really want a red frog, then I'd go for a red galac. The calls aren't loud by any stretch of the imagination, and you still get a very vibrantly colored RED frog! Hope this helps!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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