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I heard my pumilio call for the first time today after I misted and fed all my frogs. I figured it would have been way louder then what it was; my imitators drown out that little guy without even trying. But still it was nice to see and hear. He was hopping around looking for food when calling.
Now all I need is to get him a girl and hopefully the little devil will take it from there. I am not sure if you guys remember but about a month or so ago the female that I had in there with him past away from unknown causes, so my? for you is would it be ok to get another female and put her in that tank after the necessary precautions? I plan on changing all my vert tanks over eventually and hopefully upgrade his 5 to a 10vert. should I wait or would it be ok to put her in the condo now. Also if I a mistake was made and I got a male instead of a female would there be big probs? What is the best way to identify a female almirante pumilio?
Thanks for all your help
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