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pumilio (Almirante and new pics of tank)

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The first pic is of the male, second is of the female and male in the corner,the last two are of the female. They both have purple legs the female is the only one that has spots on her back (compared to the discussion going on in the Adv section with different sizes and color) . Five froglets just morphed out about 2 weeks ago. All of the froglets have spots covering their entire backs. 6 tads are in the water now.
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Those are some nice fat pumilios. Nice job on getting them to breed. Do you have any full terrarium pics?
Thanks. I have them in a 55 gallon that I split myself and on the other half I have a pair of Bastis. I will try to get some posted tomorrow.
Best Almarinte(misspelled) Ive seen yet. Thats not an overstatement. Those are the best ive seen when all is taken into account. Color, Pattern, Size and healthyness. Great job.
Thanks! I will be posting some pics of the tank tonight. Also in my opinion the froglets look better than the parents (except for one, it doesn't have all the spotting like its mother).

First off this is a 55 gal that I split to house some of my pumillios. The first three is where I keep my pair of Almirante's. The last two is where I keep one of my pairs of Basti's. The big plant in the Almirante's tank grew out of some live moss. I have no clue what it is. I was told it grows out east somewhere and gets very large. One cool thing is that it blooms white flowers since it has put on some size. I would take some pics of the froglets but they are to small for my camera to pick up any detail. I am working on other ways to get pics of them now. I would rather spend the money on frogs then get a new camera SORRY! But thanks for lookin.
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