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"Hey Pal, want this cool, rare frog?!?"
If someone who has never posted, or rarely posted - contacts you regarding purchasing somewhat rare frogs ... well, the odds are good that person has been banned here and is trying to keep a low profile.

So please do let the Moderation Team know if a person like that contacts you offering somewhat rare frogs.

We like to keep the scum off of the site if at all possible.

Have a good day!

Scott MacDonald
DB Moderator

Super Moderator
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To help out going forward... Here are links to all of the Moderator's profiles:

Socratic Monologue (John)
and myself:

If you want to know if any of us are online, click here.

Also, keep in mind that you CAN report a PM ("Conversation") by clicking on 'Report' on the bottom right corner of the PM text box. This is generally the fastest way to get a serious issue handled.

Thanks for all of your help!
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