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Sorry for the lack of a sale last week. I was a bit under the weather & trying to readjust to things here @ work. :) Two sales this week to make up for it.

Our lowest price ever on producing cultures. Hydei & Melanogaster both available! Available in our live insect section.

We have only a few isopod cultures available, but they are on the site & ready to go!

Tons of Bromeliads in stock & ready to go! We've got a sale going on for the collector broms as low as $6.99/ea, with our usual variety as low as $6/ea!

N. 'Echo', N. 'Tiger Cub', N. 'Midget', N. Fireball X Punctatissima, N. 'June Night', N. 'Red Waif', N. 'Gene McKenzie', N. 'Born of Fire' All available in our Bromeliads & Specials Menu.

^^^ All of those are available in our Neoregelias Section.

On top of the Bromeliads - we have hundreds (literally) of other high quality terrarium plants in stock and ready to go.

Check out our plants menu for more.

Yet again we'll be vending at the Mass Reptile Expo! It's on the smaller end of expos, but it's in our opinion the best one local in New England. There's an excellent variety of vendors, awesome deals to be found, and a bunch of breeders for a whole lot of different herp species. For more info & directions visit!

Lastly... Supplies... We have thousands of supplies in stock and ready to ship. Supply orders from us usually ship out within 24 hours, and we guarantee the lowest prices anywhere.

Our menus are the easiest to navigate, our search function works quickly & effectively, and our site is 100% secured by PayPal. As far as functionality goes - I think I'm FINALLY getting to the point that I actually LIKE my company's website. :p

If you haven't checked out NEHERP in a few months - it might be worth a look! The site improves a little every day as our company grows. :)

On a more personal note - our newest employee Cory is a very good friend of mine, and he'll be part timing helping us get online orders out on time. I figured you should know who's packing your boxes. :)

As always - THANK YOU VERY MUCH and if anyone needs to contact me for any reason - NEHERP Contact Info.

**If the new stuff doesn't show up, please hit reload**
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