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When I first setup my false bottom some soil and debris got through. I think most of this happened during setup and moving things around inside and not from drainage problems. Nothing seems to be coming through anymore and it drains really well. The problem is there is a small amount of soil and debris scattered around the bottom of the aquarium. I can't really access this at all and don't know how to correct it. I've thought about repeatedly draining and filling in hopes that the pump will suck it up and send it through and I can drain though the pump tube. The water doesn't really smell and is circulated with the water fall but is a little cloudy. Any suggestions as to how I might clean this up and if it will cause problems if left alone? I was thinking about adding a few small guppies or something to the water reservoir to help promote nitrogen fixation and clean up the water. An outside canister is not really an option for me. :?
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