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The frog room is small (maybe 10 x 8) and holds heat well so from what I read it seems that this could keep the room at 65-75 or so if it were to fall below 65. I live in Seattle so the weather doesn't get too far below freezing or down into the teens more than a couple weeks a year, and I've never had my power stay out for more than 12 hours so we'll see if this trusted Coleman product can do the job temporarily. :)
Tolerance to the cold is both species and acclimation dependent (the rate at which the temperature changes), but I have had both tinctorius and auratus survive temperatures in the low 40s with no issues.

If you search the frognet archives, some people have thier auratus survive temperatures in the 50 for significant periods of time.

1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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