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People, if you are going to reply to a topic, please be qualified, or at least prepared to extrapolate on your view.

This is the advanced forum, or claims to be. When a good question is asked, simply posting something flippant, or downright stupid does not do anyone any good, and it may go a long ways towards pissing someone off. Since this is not a board that is moderated lightly, if you piss someone off, it could easily end with one or both getting run off the board due to being disruptive.

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It might change someone else's though.

Especially someone who hasn't read FrogNet.


(and I've got no opinion on what you're referencing here, may even agree with you SB)
steelcube said:
... In fact, I wrote somewhat details about this on frognet. I don't think writing it again will change your opinion.
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