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I've had my 2 WTF for over a year now, although I can't remember when I first aquired them.
Their temps range from 75-low 80's depending on the weather (in the winter it can be more like high 60s up to mid/high 70s. As my house is poorly insulated and their thermostat is set to 75 degrees Fahrenheit).
Their humidity generally stays around the 60% range but can jump up to 80% after heavy misting. They have a large water dish as well for soaking.
Their diet mainly consists of crickets, but I try and feed a varied diet of Mealworms, Superworms, Hornworms, Dubia Roaches, ect.
Up until now they have been housed in an Exo-Terra 18x18x24 (LxWxH) enclosure with a screen top. And have a ceramic heat emitter hooked up to a thermostat for when it gets chilly in the winter. They also have an LED light set for a white light in the daytime, and completely off at nighttime (as I have heard mixed things about blue nighttime lighting).

Recently I noticed that one of both is looking a little bloated. It's been a few days since they were last fed (Thursday or Friday iirc) so I doubt it would be from that. I try and regularly dust their food with a D3 Calcium supplement. I looked up some photos online and it didn't look as anywhere near as bad as some I saw, but I was still concerned none the less.

I wasn't able to get any belly shots sadly, but I got as many other photos as I could. Also apologies for poor camera quality.

Brown Wood Organism Twig Tints and shades

Wood Bat Tints and shades Twig Art

Brown Plant Wood Twig Terrestrial plant

Brown Plant Wood Terrestrial plant Tree

Frog Organism Terrestrial plant Plant True frog

Frog A (Hammond) is in the first or topmost photo (smaller frog against glass side). And Frog B (May) is in the rest of the photos, as it was him I first noticed possible signs in.
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