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I put one in my new viv. It's not done but it has been tested, and it works, somewhat :oops:

I bought a bunch of drip irrigator nozzles, especially the adjustable ones. I laid down the tubing then foamed over it. The only thing I really don't like is that it is somewhat loud inside the viv when it first comes on because almost all air is coming through, and it almost whitles through the tiny drippers. I think i'll leave it always on to reduce the start up noise. Other than that no complaints, Ill have to see after its planted and been up for a little though.

Heres a pics, if it helps, the blue is where the houses come out, and the green is sprinkler heads where I plumbed in a fogger: ... 689ca5.jpg

I can take pics of it finished and working if you want.
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