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This is Dr. Frye writing under my brother's identity. I am breaking the rules here! I think Joe will understand. I beg his forgiveness if not.

The shipment from Panama has been seized, and is sitting in Miami under the custody of Fish and Wildlife!

The importers and exporters (I am not one of these - I have no financial involvement) have the ability to give up custody of the Pumilio, and the Fish and Wildlife have the ability to release them into my custody.

Glen and his Partner may not be willing to do this due to them most likely losing their investment. I am asking if anyone would be willing to make donations however large or small to pay Glen his investment. If he recieves what he paid for the Pumilio, he very well might release them into my custody.

I know this is highly optimistic to assume anyone might be willing to invest money just to save these frog's lives, BUT I HAVE TO ASK! If we do not get these frogs away from fish and Wildlife, they will all die in their shipping containers in the next day or two.

Please let me know if you are interested. Please contact any animal rights organizations you are aware of. I have contacted 6 this morning and PITA is getting involved. Please call anyone you know that can help.

We need to try to save the life of these frogs!!!! They will most likely end up in the custody of Zoos. I will care for them as needed. Please help in any way you can. call congressmen/women. Call your local PITA agency. Call fish and wildlife. PLEASE HELP.

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WoW did any one not see this coming? I really don’t think getting pita involved is a good idea they don’t think we should be keeping frogs..let alone tacking them out of the wild and keeping them. I hope for the frogs lives things work out.

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What are they saying there reasonis for holding them?

If they wont give them to this Glen guy and they are going to die anyways if someone doesnt take them why doestn he just let you take them and worry about the $ later?

and why will the fish and wildlife let you take them?

lol im sorry for all the questions im just a little lost here.

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F&W would release the animals to a lic. vet if the importer released them. Probably a paperwork snag, you know the government. Why dont you get something signed saying that you will accept shipment in your name and then give them to the rightful owner after a decontam period?
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