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Plants Touching Glass?

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Hey Guys...

Is it a good idea to cut lives which are touching the glass? will it harm the plant?

It will rot the plant wont it?


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Bromeliads don't have nodes, they only have the single crown. If you don't like the look of just cutting it short of where it hit the glass like Ed mentioned, cut it closer to the base of the plant.

Plants that rot quickly from it tend to be fuzzy/hairy/velvety plants like gesneriads and some begonias, or plants that have a tendency to melt, like the rest of the begonias that aren't hairy, gesneriads, peperomias, and sometimes pilea. It can be just a leaf, or spread to the whole plant depending on the plant, your conditions, or both. If in doubt, cut the leaf just short of the glass so it doesn't contact. The greatest risk of rotting is with glass that has condensation on it for long periods - if it dries out within 2-3 hours of bring sprayed and is completely dry before lights out I don't even have the picky plants rotting out when touching the sides.
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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