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bog plants

Try bog plants, such as Ludwigia repens, Hygrophila, caladiums and taro/ mini elephant ears (needs lots of light and SPACE), water mint (mentha aquatica), and among several others. Java moss is just awesome growing in water or wet areas, as it doesn't need as much light. Pothos and philodendrons can have their roots submerged as well and do fine.
A note about hygrophila and ludwigia: Don't buy the cuttings at your petstore or submerged plants, only buy the potted ones. This is because the plant will wilt if you plant it at the water's edge if it's been growing underwater for a while. You can however, keep petstore ones in a tub to make a mini pond with soil at the bottom outside in good lighting, and you can take cuttings when the plant grows out of the water. The cuttings will be tough enough to plant in the substrate without wilting.
Avoid carnivorous plants as they require acidic conditions and RO water. Most also need full sunlight, only possible with halide lighting. There is really no need to buy expensive plants from black jungle when you can buy tropical water plants from your local nursery. Many of black jungle's aquatics are also virtually identical to what you find at your local petshop.
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