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We've got a heck of a lot of new stuff available the site. (Over 40 new products over the past week) Check out the new items section for more info.

About a dozen new plants have been added since the last update - and they are on sale for as low as $2.99/ea. (Not clippings, either. POTS for $2.99!)

All of those ^^^ are $2.99/ea if you buy 10. :)

Also - the majority of Neoregelias & Tillandsias are finally back in stock.

Available Tillandsias:

Available Neoregelias:

And we've now got 4 types of 3" pot Selaginella varieties available:

Selaginella kraussiana variegatus

Selaginella kraussiana

Selaginella erythropus

Selaginella uncinata

We've got the revised version of the Exo Terra Monsoon back in stock as of yesterday morning, and it's on sale for $109.99 SHIPPED with a free remote control.
Furthermore - just about anything ships with the Monsoon for free, as well. :) See it in our sale section.

Tomorrow is the last day of our buy 2lbs of media & get 1 free fly culture sale, so don't miss out!

Lastly - the website had a mild facelift for clearer text, a more accurate search function, and to incorporate our newer logo. :)

As always - thanks everyone. We can't thank you guys enough. Have a great weekend!


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