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Plants in "moving water" (drip walls, rivers, etc)

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Hey all,

I was hoping if some of you plant experts could give me some (preferably technical) information on growing TERRESTRIAL plants in the following ways:

1) Coco-mat (epiweb, w/e) with a drip wall running through it. (vertically)

2) Coco-mat (or gravel) in a "river" (slow or fast flowing) (horizontally)

What plants could one effectively grow in the above conditions? I am aiming to grow TERRESTRIAL plants in a pseudohydroponic fashion but from a rough understanding I do not believe that any of the above setups would accomplish this successfully.

I know I can get cuttings to root very well in a coco-mat dripwall....but can I get full-fledged terrestrial plants to grow there as well? Or would it become an issue of too much water at some point?

Is there a method of growing an already established/rooted plant (currently in a pot) onto such a vertical setup?

Secondly, is there a good resource for finding plants that can grow "emersed" for my river conditions? What qualities should I be looking for in plants that will make them good for the above conditions?

I'm sorry this is a stupid question but I really feel like I'm missing something important
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if you aren't just trying to grow "aquatics" (most of which are actually grow naturally and are grown for hobby use emersed) in an emersed fashion, I suggest checking out this place:

Riparium Supply | Planted Aquariums for Aquascapers and Fish Hobbyists

And his blog, Hydrophyte's Blog - Ripariums and Emergent Aquatic Plants for ideas

But there are a ton of plants from the aquarium hobby that are beyond ideal, such as the anubias and java fern
There are also some really cool anubias beyond the bartleri nana variants if you have a little more room
for a good resource on emersed plants, check out
As for as getting them, their swap n shop as well as aquabid are great resources
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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