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Question for those who have warm tanks: I don't know if I should post this here, or in "Other Amphibians." Any suggestions for plants for warmer tanks? Think a set up for Calotes, baby basilisks, baby water dragons, tropical anoles, many skinks, some rhacophorids, some phyllomedusines, etc, In other words, a lowland tropical set up, where tanks can and do hit +/-90F under the lights or even possibly warmer at the basking spot(s). (Or, think of NYC or Baltimore or Houston in the summer).

In my experience, the following usually tolerate heat waves:

Many tillandsias
some Angraecoid orchids
(or, I guess any orchid considered a "warm to hot" grower?)
Epiphytic cacti
Some peperomias
Some Ficus species
Many Marantaceae (depending on size)

However, many ferns, gesneriads* begonias or pleurothallids would suffer.

Any ideas, guys?


* But not Episcia or Achimenes.
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