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Plants for auratus dart frogs

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I have a big tank that I have been growing for close to 2 years I don't have frogs yet cause I never had a good top and I'm installing a little fan and humidifier for mist but I need to add more plants I have decided on auratus blue I found a beautiful super blue I want. What plants would you recommend for these frogs?
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Im sure any of the safe plants will work but im wondering if from anyone experience if they do better with certain ones?
thanks for the input I have some devils ivy that grows like crazy I have to trim it often I also have some Hoyas exotica it’s a twisted leaf vine it’s pretty cool looking I have some other little green thing I can’t remember what it called I just recently got a permanent top for my cage so I can start to build on it more and see what lives I have had a few die I raised up the ground level to keep it a bit dryer I hope it helps ill look into those plants you listed I have always liked the rabbits foot fern. I can’t wait to get this tank going it’s like 55 gals or something like that I have to add a fan and a humidifier but I might not even need one with how wet it is ill have to see how it goes!
well i went to lowes and didnt find any heart fern i found some begonia croton and pilea... i hope they live lol my last begonia died
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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