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Plants for auratus dart frogs

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I have a big tank that I have been growing for close to 2 years I don't have frogs yet cause I never had a good top and I'm installing a little fan and humidifier for mist but I need to add more plants I have decided on auratus blue I found a beautiful super blue I want. What plants would you recommend for these frogs?
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Zoomie has 5 auratus, and I only have one, but i'll chime in ;) My auratus is still fairly shy, but LOES to hide in/sleep on his baby tears. It's liuke moss/leaf litter, but it grows faster. Also never seen him come off. As Zommie said, my frog loves to hide in my rabbit foot fern, and LOVES to hide between the leaves of my Alocasia reginula 'Black Velvet'. Pretty much any broad leaved, or bushy plant is good. He also loves to hide in my neo zoe.
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