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Plants for auratus dart frogs

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I have a big tank that I have been growing for close to 2 years I don't have frogs yet cause I never had a good top and I'm installing a little fan and humidifier for mist but I need to add more plants I have decided on auratus blue I found a beautiful super blue I want. What plants would you recommend for these frogs?
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First, I don't have any experience with Super Blues. I do have 5 green and bronze Auratus froglets. The tank has a fair amount of plant variety but there are two that they abosolutely love.

The first is Heart Fern. You can't look in the tank without there being at least one of them in it, on it, or hunting something around it. In fact, I have two in the Leuc tank and the happy little couple sleep in it every night. It's easy to grow for someone like me that can kill any plant without even trying. Further, I have obtained it from 2 of our DB Sponsors and they both sent very nice well-started plants that settled in and took off the moment they got in the tank.

The other is Rabbits or Rabbitsfoot Fern . It grows quickly and sooner or later you'll have to keep it from shading out your tank. Still, there is always a frog a two in it or on it.

Two other non-plant high traffic areas are the top of the coco hut and a piece of Mopani woood. The particular piece of Mopani wood that firmly touches the false bottom and cannot rock. It basically has tunnels underneath it that the froglets always cut through. They use it like a subway to get to the other side of the tank quickly, especially if they are trying to head off a terrified fruit fly running for it's life. You would have to exercise great care when selecting it to ensure that it would be impossible for it to shift.

As you can see, with all of these except the coco hut, there is great cover provided. The Heart Fern leaves get big and offer great cover and terrestrial lilly pads. The Rabbit Fern has small leaves but large dense branches. The wood speaks for itself.

Experiment a bit. The frogs will tell you what they really enjoy.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.
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