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Plants $1.37 each

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If you haven't checked your local Walmart lately, they are clear out the plants for the Winter. I picked up six plants for $1.37 each.
Plants where: Plilodendron, Peperomia, Cryptanthus and Fittonia

Plant from store
Flower Plant Houseplant Leaf Flowering plant

Reduced for $1.37
Label Plant

Next I removed all the soil I could and gave a nice soaking in a Neem bath.
Dish Cuisine Food Insect

After that a rinse and water bath.
Leaf Flower Plant Houseplant Terrestrial plant

So now I have sixteen plants after separating
Flower Plant Flowering plant Leaf Plant pathology

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So I went to my local Walmart after seeing this post.

Turns out that the plants weren't on winter clearance....:(

BUT I asked on of the workers and he paged for a certain lady to come out. I asked her when they'll be going on clearance or if they will and she said "yeah" with a funny smile while she looked at the guy I originally asked and told me to hold on while she went to go get the scanner. :D

I ended up taking Pilea Mollis, Philodendron "Silver", Syngonium Podophylum "Holly", Hedera Helix "Royal Hustle", and another plant I believe to be Pilea "Aluminum" all for $1.37 each! I also helped myself to some Dischidia Nummularia cuttings. :p


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