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This would probably outweigh my frog wishlist, as I have much more room for them.

Trumpet plants: Sarracenia

S. rubra jonessi
S. rubra jonessi anthocyan free
S. rubra wherry "Rosy"
S. rubra "yellow flower"
S. psittacina anythocyan free
S. minor "Okee giant" morph
S. alata
S. alata nigrapurpurea
S. rubra gulfensis
S. oreophila "sand mountain form"
S. flava all red morph
S. flava all green morph
S. flava red tube morph
S. purpurea purpurea and anythocyan free morph
S. purpurea venosa "burkei"
S. leucophylla "Hurricane Creek White" morph

S. x "Red sumatra"
S. x "Adrian Slack"
S. x "John's Autumn Splendor"

(This is just a sample. There is SOOO much more!!!)

Heliamphora (South american Sarracenia)

H. nutans, tatei, ionassi, heterodoxa, neblinae


N. ventricosa "red"
N. sanguinea "red"
N. maxima
N. ampullaria "Cantleys red"
N. gracilis "dusky"
N. fusca
N. khasiana
N. glabrata
N. alata "spotted"
N. bicalcarata
N. truncata
N. rafflesiana "giant"
N. clipeata

N. x "Scarlet Splash" (variegated cultivar!!!)

Honestly, what I REALLY want is a greenhouse. Despite I'm more of a Sarracenia person (I love designing bog gardens) I wish I had more Neps for a greenhouse as they don't like the warm nights I have in my house. :?

Right now, virtually any nice, easy to grow orchid I can get my hands on.
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