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This is really an ideal posting forum. I hope it really catches on and puts the K-snake to shame! I post on other forums using this format, and I much prefer this one.

So, my simple question is this: In a fair fight between Pothos and Ficus pumila, which one strangles out which first? I mean, this is a no holds barred, who screams uncle first fight! Sorry, just a little posting humor! :D

I have a ficus in one of my tanks and noticed that one strand of it grew over 3" in about 3 days.I have a potho in another tank that has burrowed it's roots into my coco panel background and I have tried to reduce it without pulling the background off and have cut it is several places and it is growing in a bunch of different areas now,grrrrr.I didn't know it could grow like a epiphyic plant but this one is!!!!!
Mark W.
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