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Just some clarification on those terms:

Epiphyte does not mean air plant. Air plants are correctly reffered to as atmospheric epiphytes. Spanish Moss is a good example of an atmospheric epiphyte. Epiphyte means a plant that grows non parasticly on another plant or structure. Though when in comes to specific stuctures there are more exact terms.

Bromeliads are plants in the family Bromeliaceae. While it is true that many species in this family are tank or vase forming not all are, take for example many species of Tillandsia.

And as for ant plants, it is any plant that shares a symbiotic relationship with ants. It is not limited to leaf modifications or the typical houseing/deffense relationship. As there are many plants that are ant pollinated or ant disperssed.

With that said let me try and un-confuse you. The vast majority of plants that are used in vivaria are epiphytic in some way. You have to understand that there is a vast spectrum of habits and cultural requirments that apply to epiphytes. So you are just going to have to do some reading on the particular species you are interested in, and eventualy you will get a feel for the requirements for various groupings of epiphytes.

As for Bromeliads the same thing applies. The Bromeliaceae is a very large family with members ranging in habit from atmosperic epiphytes, too carnivours, too terristrial, from plants that full grown fit in the palm of your hand too species that reach the size of small cars, and growing from the wettest most humid rainforest too the hottest dessert.

The most common genera of Bromeliads used in this hobby are Guzmania, Cryptanthus, Neoregelia, Aechmea, Vriesea, and Tillandsia. That is not to say that others are not used. But those five genera are going to be the ones you run across most offten because of thier ease of cultivation.

Hope this helped.
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