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We've got a bunch of new terrarium plants in stock - and everything new is on sale. By new we mean really new. Many haven't been available on our site in over a year, and others have never been offered by us! :)

The tropical plant shipment that we've been waiting on for weeks finally arrived! We've got tons of Bromeliads in stock & ready to go.

Since the beautiful fresh shipment has arrived - the older (slightly faded) broms NEED to go so we're moving those mature slightly faded bromeliads (as seen in the below picture) for $3.99/ea this week.
Seriously. Mature, individually packaged & labeled MINIATURE bromeliads for $3.99/ea when you buy 5.

We've only got a small handful of the faded mini broms in stock, so don't wait! :p

The sale section is easily accessible from the home page, and everything new is listed in alphabetical order for easy browsing. While you are there - don't forget to check out our supply section. We've got thousands of items in stock and we guarantee the lowest price anywhere. (Price match promise!) Supplies AND plants (together or separately) can ship for as low as $7 total if weather in your area is decent. (above 40F, below 85F)

As always - ALL ORDERS OVER $100 SHIP FREE. That includes plants, supplies, whatever. ;)

Thanks again everyone,
-Mike @ NEHERP

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