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Plant ID

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What is this?

I'm guessing they are terrestial?
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Seleginella. I'm not a Seleginella guy, but I think that's what circulates as 'White Tips'. I'm sure someone will correct me:rolleyes:
possibly selaginella moellendorfii

Does great as a terrestrial, likes humidity. Don't plant it in a really soggy area, it likes moisture but good drainage. you can also just place cuttings directly on top of a substrate.
Selaginella martensii 'Jori' . Or just Sel. martensii. That is my guess and I'm sticking to it.

Didn't use to see them often. I was able to score a whole flat last time I ordered ferns, so perhaps they are coming into circulation. Until then, I had two or three little ones that I could never propagate fast enough to bother selling them. As it is, I haven't ever listed them on the website... Oh well.

OK perfect, thanks for responses. If i place cuttings directly on the substrate will it grow upwards or creep horizontally kind of like a moss? I'm thinking if it grows up it would look nice in the corner creeping up the background.
My local nursery, in the middle of manhattan, had these. They were selling them as winter plants with the pointsettas and Ivys. I told them that they should be inside since its 30 degrees out here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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