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Plant ID

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All it said was it was a tropical terrarium plant. Anyone know what kind?

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It is a sansevieria. They are native to Africa, in the wild elephants eat them. They can live in a terrarium, though they usually prefer it to be a bit on the dry side. They make excellent house plants though, I have quite a few of the rarer types of it as some of the very few house plants I keep.
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^^^ Yep. Super common in gecko vivariums. They do well in pretty much anything under 85% humidity for us. :) (Above 85% things get a bit mushy...)
Not the best plant for a viv. It likes it dry.
I see that you got it at petco. They dont have anything worth buying. Stick to getting cuttings and plants from people on dendro or from a bigger nursery
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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