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Planning my first tank here... couple questions

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Hey everybody, I'm planning on setting up my first vivarium with PDFs this summer, and wanted to get a head start on research. I've read tons of information but of course still have tons of questions.

One question is about the humidity in the tank. Lots of pictures I've looked at have nice clear front windows, but plenty of others have water condensing on the front glass. I wouldn't want a vivarium if you have to wipe the glass clean to see in. Is that what people have to do to keep their glass clean? Or is there a trick to prevent it from condencing? I assume a little ventilation along the front would help, but I was planning on a glass lid and you can't exactly easily cut holes in it.

Another question concerns the frogs. I plan on setting up a 29 gallon with 4 Green Auratus from Costa Rica (I really wanted Leucs but they're almost twice as much :( ). Does that sound like an alright stock for a first timer? I'm hoping that as they grow I will get at least one pair. Also, since they're my first frogs can I just put them right in the tank since I don't have to worry about them spreading disease to any existing frogs? I read about some people quarentining frogs in a plastic tub before adding them to an existing colony.

I have plenty more questions, but I think this is good for now :)

Thanks a lot
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You can just put the frogs in the viv if you want, I recommend starting them split in 2 groups in 2 ten gallons. Then when they get about 4-5 months old putting them in the 29 gallon. This will give them some time to put on size and weight. Its been my experience that 1 frog will always become the runt or at least weaker than the others, if they are all together. Some say this is good cause it weeds out the weaker frogs, for a first timer though this is not going to be a problem you want to fix.

As for foggy glass i can say that i dont mind it, if you really cant stand the idea of foggy glass then, you can go ahead and make some ventilation. There are several ways, all of which i cant go into detail on because i never used them. All my lids were cut by my friend, all glass.
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