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Good Day All,
Here are some pictures of 10 gallon I split into two rearing areas. I thought this would be a good idea for those who like to save space. I picked up this tank with the plexi glass down the center for $3 at Lee Watson’s. I have a friend who works at a hardware store and cut the glass for me very cheap out of scrap. I scraped out the silicon on the plexi except for a small part to keep it in place. I then added a new seal and as you can see a small 1.5 inch section of glass to seal it into two tanks and of course their are two separate sheets of glass of a lid. I currently keep the largest three amazonicus on one side. I hope to use these to raise them to equal size before allowing the group (5) to enter their 25g which I hope to breed them in.
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems

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