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Pictures of 55 gallon tanks

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Recently, 2mnytnx posted the thread about posting pictures of 29 or 37 gallon tanks. I thought this would be a good idea to post something similar only for 55 gallon aquariums.

I got this 55 gallon for free about a year ago and had some frogs in it, but I've recently redone my room/frog room and it's become empty. I hate the size of it, but it was free and they are usually not so cheap, so I'm holding onto it. It's like a corridor, hardly any depth, has some decent height and of course, 4' long. Does anyone have pictures of their 55 gallon tanks for darts or other frogs? I don't keep many darts, but treefrogs just don't do very well in a tank like this, it's not an optimal size. Thanks in advance.
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Not seeing anything...
Here you go Derek.... this is a 55 gallon we made.

only wood and background.

plants added.

Here are more pics..
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I have this log I have been holding onto for a couple of years now in hopes of running across a free 55. Its about 48" long, wider one direction then the other, and while it about fills a 55, it is hollow with large holes in the sides. It came from a dogwood that died of anthracnose, so the wood is dense and very cool looking. My plan was to put in the tank and plant a dense mat of small epiphytes across the top.

When I was an undergard my roomate bred snakes and we set up one of his 55s in the living room a vert tank for a trio of amazon tree boas. Its just a thought, but that might work well for tree frogs also.

sorry tech trouble with the pics...
I looked at your vivs picks, they are great, checked up in the gallery.
both of those tanks are BEE-YOU-TEE-FULL!!

i love the thick pieces of wood Ben.

kleinhanz - i like the shade in the bottom of your viv. it really creates a canopy look.

Ben, very nice, gives me ltos of ideas. I think I will have to reseal the bottom first just in case. I usually go colelct pieces of driftwood at Lakewood, here in Salina, put I usually bleach them in a diluted mixtures in a large trash bin. This obviously bleaches them into looking omewhat unnatural, what do you do to "sterlize" before it enters the terrarium?

Rob, very nice pictures. I got to the thread a bit late, and you had already removed the pics, but I checked in your gallery as Ryan mentioned. Very nice M. madagascariensis, and awesome auratus, they remind me of something...

JHupp, I've not thought about inverting it. It would have to be for smaller treefrogs, and then maybe quite a few of them. I'll put down some ideas on paper and see what I can come up with. A horizontal 55 would give me an excuse to get some more darts, but we'll see.

Thanks for the input everyone. What dart frogs would utilize the 55 well, if I decide to go with darts?
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Thanks Derek!! I'm glad you were able to find my pictures in the gallary. When I posted the original links, it opened whatever picture was uploaded last onto dendroboard's server so as soon as somone else uploaded a new picture, it followed their link (weird!).

Anyway, it not that interesting of a viv but I've grown fond of it. It has been "running" for over a year now without adding or removing any plants (besides cuttings). The water in the bottom is crystal-clear form the plant natural filteration. There are currently 10 D. auratus living there but only 6-7 are perminate residents and the others are housed temporarily. I have two coco huts and pulled over ~100 eggs in the past year. There is little-to-no bulling, frogs are fairly bold, and all are fat and healthy. The water in the bottom, along with a small undertank heater, maintains temp and humidity. The only reason I mist the tank at all is to help stimulate breeding behavoirs but other than that, I do not need to mist (it pratically rains in there)
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look on my gallery, my 55 is there with some of my g+b's.
Mike, that tank is absolutely awesome. How many auratus do you have in there? I was thinking auratus would be good. I really like the green and bronze. I also like how you incorporated some bird's nest snake plants in there. I use those in my waxy tanks as well as the regular (mother-in-law's tongue) snake plants, because they are very sturdy. Tank looks very good.
Thanks. It has grown a whole bunch so I need to do some trimming. I have 3 g+b's in there. They are about 7 months old now. I have 4 other g+b's in a 10 but they're too small to add in with the big guys. The big guys are pigs. They eat everything I toss in there. So finding food in a bigger tank has never been a problem.
Very Nice. I got some good ideas. Thanks :D :?:
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